Junkyard Outtake: The Biggest One Yet – Part 2


Well folks, here we go again! It’s Friday, it’s the Junkyard Outtake, and we’ve got a fresh batch of cars from the Biggest Junkyard Yet. On our last trip to this yard, we found thousands – perhaps even tens of thousands – of tons’ worth of cars, trucks, and vans to look through. You’ve seen several dozen already. Now, let’s see some more!


My plan had been to bring you a private junkyard full of ’50s, ’60s and ’70s iron this week – and to use it as a vehicle for delivering some additional news as well. But assembling a proper tour of such a goldmine requires extra time and attention… neither of which I could spare this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to take you there next Friday, after I’m done de-vinyling and re-dooring my new work van (best $750 I’ve spent in a while!).

“But hey,” you say, “last week you promised a Pontiac wagon with a glowing Indian chief on the hood! What gives?” Never fear, dear CC reader – I’m not about to break my promise to you. Enjoy this week’s junkyard shots, then stay tuned for your bonus Poncho pic at the end.


When the first thing you see in the yard is a dead ENG van, you know it’s going to be a strange day.

(Trivial conjecture: Apparently the Hubbards finally decided to let this old Ford sign off. Wild guess, I’d say it likely started life at KSTP in Minneapolis/St Paul before ending up at co-owned KSAX later in life. Imagine all the places it’s been, the things it’s seen, and the shots it brought in, throughout three decades of schlepping local news reporters and cameramen around.)


Here, of course, is our long-anticipated headline car: an ’88 Touring Sedan, the fifth I’ve spotted in the tin. Looks like somebody already nabbed its grille.


All four of the alloy wheels are present.


So too were all four of the exterior Touring Sedan badges.


It’s rough… much rougher than I’d hoped.


Much, much rougher.


At least we finally get a proper look at the earlier style sport wheel.


As TSes go, this one was kind of a stripper. No sunroof, no DIC…


…at least it had climate control (though not the style I’m used to seeing – this one is much plainer).


Whoever last owned this car almost certainly didn’t see it as anything more than four wheels and an engine.


In case all the charcoal trim and round insignias weren’t a big enough tip, there’s also the script on the back.


Here ya go! If you’re going to have a Cavalier, why not make it a wagon?


It actually would be practical, and has the potential for being ever-so-slightly sporty if done right. (The fancier steel wheels and raised white letters help a lot.)


What could possibly go wrong? I’ll give you a hint.


Uh-oh, what’s this I see? Overly plush velour interior…


…a vinyl top…


…no wonder my Brougham-o-meter is beeping!


This one probably could have been saved. Still, at least we know this B-body’s death has allowed others to live on.


At least one has benefitted so far. Hopefully no one destroys that hood, it still looks pretty decent!


Can’t say the same for this little V6. Its days on the road are most likely over.


By popular demand, here’s the little Subaru that I missed last time.


If anyone actually needs these parts, they’ll have found a gold mine.


Sorry, I can’t come up with a witty boxing reference at the moment. Just know that I intended for one to be here.


Mmm-oused. (Note the little black specks on the carpet. That ain’t gravel!)


Dig that funky HVAC control!


No doors? No intake? Clearly, people around here still know what the answer is.


That’s quite a maneuver! But you wouldn’t catch me doing that in a ragtop…


If you want to wagon but don’t like rusty Cavaliers, maybe this 5-series longroof is more up your alley.


Just like every other one I find, this one is missing all four wheel-caps. Looks like the Jag will have to continue waiting for its new wheels to be complete.


Speaking of Bimmers, how on Earth is this in a self-serve yard?


Somebody really ought to get on this one. There’s gotta be money to be made.


Sadly, there seems to be little love for Saabs in this neck of the woods. The only change on our fake SPG is a new divot in the windshield.


On my way out, I was further saddened to see this Chevy pickup arrive. Despite my normal fear of other peoples’ abandoned projects, it actually looked quite savable. Other than the fenders it was still fairly straight and clean.

Why isn’t it on the road, or being revived, as we speak? The yellow tag says it all. To paraphrase, the City of Saint Paul demanded that the owner either purchase tabs and insurance immediately, or be fined and lose the truck. Their inaction led to the latter – and to a title-less truck that no one could register again. What a shame.




Last – but certainly not least – here’s a preview of things to come. Until next time!