Junkyard Outtake: What Has Eight Legs, Eight Cylinders, And Lots Of Rust?


The Junkyard Outtake knows no bounds – except for such obvious ones as ‘watch out for oncoming loaders’ and ‘keep the torch away from the gas tank’. And so it was that we broke new ground this week, using not one but two CC Clues (here and here) to make this Monza Spyder into a real mindbender for the commentariat.

Congrats go out to all those who correctly ascertained (or guessed) its identity – especially Junqueboi, who was the first to see its snow-covered undercarriage and suggest it was an H-body; and Lt.BrunoStachel, who narrowed it down to the correct model based on what little could be seen of the bumper trim.

Make the jump to see the rest of our featured Monza – plus an amazingly well-optioned Oldsmobile, and a sneak peek at next week’s finds.


When I first spotted this stickered-up V8 Monza, it was sitting in a more-or-less normal fashion. But upon returning with my camera, I found that it had been stood up on its side. This very picture was used for its first CC Clue on Thursday.


The odd angle made it easy to shoot the hood, with its telltale graphics.


But it didn’t make shooting the side any easier. I had to hold the camera over my head, release the shutter, and hope for the best.


“5.0 Litre V8”. The malaise-era 305s weren’t anything to write home about – but then, how much motor do you really need to move a 2800-pound car?


Four-lug Keystone Klassic lookalikes. Certainly not something most of us see everyday. (Too bad they weren’t a complete set… impostors or not, someone would have wanted them.)

Unfortunately, these are all the shots I have of this unique Monza. Perhaps one day it’ll be laid back down on all fours, at which point I can get a proper side shot, and maybe even a few pictures of the interior (complete with console shifter and a spider decorated glove box cover, which I kinda want for a souvenir if no one else buys it by crushing time).


Speaking of GM coupes with unique options, look what was hiding behind the Monza. It’s a ’92 Cutlass Supreme International – one of the most jazzed-up examples of this model I’ve ever encountered. I know I’ve mentioned it in the past… and now, here it is.


For starters, it’s a white coupe with black leather. I dig it already. We can also see it has automatic climate control, a switch for factory foglights, full analog instrumentation, and the umpteen-way power buckets with their center controls. The shape of the steering wheel suggests it once had HVAC and radio controls around the horn.

Too bad it’s saddled with the anemic 3.1 V6 and was deprived of the popular power sunroof… and, call me crazy, but I would want the “fancier” ETR tuner with an equalizer and AM Stereo (which it may well have had originally; the current unit looks like a transplant). As a well-known singer once sang, you can’t always get what you want. Still, it does have a lot of goodies.

And wait! What’s with that bump on top of the dash? And the extra controls beneath the cigarette lighter! Could it be…?


No, you’re not seeing things – this is a HUD-equpped car. Plenty of W-body Grand Prixes had the Heads Up Display option, but I have yet to encounter another Cutlass with one (other than those which were swapped in by overachieving enthusiasts).


But it gets better: this one’s even got rear buckets! Damn you, whoever you were that yanked this car’s door glass so many years ago!


If all that wasn’t enticing enough… it’s even got the duck tail spoiler. Why can’t I find one like this on the road instead?

Next week, we’ll head back to the U-Pull to see what’s left of our favorite finds from weeks past, and to check out a couple new arrivals – including a Fleetwood with see-through doors and a Marquis Brougham coupe that you’ll have to see to believe.