Junkyard: Stolen Tail Light Leads to Junkyard Classics Tour


Almost as soon we had decided to sell my wife’s Dodge Caravan someone very odd low life decided to steal the rear tail light lens off the van. I know what you are thinking. Surely it fell off while driving. Alas no. We’d gone on a vacation road trip and it was there when I unpacked our belongings that night but missing in the morning. The how and why were a mystery but it did give me an opportunity to visit my favorite local junkyard. They always have something interesting in stock.

1960 Envoy Special
Out front was this rather sad looking 1960 Envoy Special which is a Canadian only variant of the Vauxhall Victor F-series. I’d looked at this exact car several years back with an eye to buy an interesting family classic project. It was rather more complete then so I expect the eventual buyer got excited for a restoration but that didn’t last beyond the tear down stage. A shame as these are quite uncommon these days. I could have scored the rims for my Envoy Epic but the tires were garbage and sadly not much else would transfer over.

1981 AMC Eagle

I quite like these AMC Eagles in theory although I doubt I’d ever own one. This one looks to be well used but I find it odd that you almost never see a rusty one here. For a natural winter vehicle with 4WD that does strike me as a little strange.

1983 Ford Mustang

Over in the Mustang section we have a trio including one Mercury Capri variant. The red Mustang behind with the factory body kit had a 2.3L four cylinder engine instead of the V8 I was expecting. This bronze 1983 was the most interesting as it had the 3.8L V6 engine.

1983 Ford Mustang V6 engine

Offered only from 1983-1986 this 3.8L V6 was the mid range engine option I’d sort of forgotten was even offered. It was designated Essex after the Canadian Essex engine plant and is a 90 degree V6 which shares nothing with the similarly named British Essex V6 which sports a 60 degree angle between cylinder banks. While it didn’t last in the Mustang the Essex V6 found a home in the Taurus.

1976 Triumph TR7

Triumph TR7s, especially in coupe form, are just not worth very much. This early 1976 went straight to the crush pile and had a Ford Festiva unceremoniously dumped on top of it.

1972 Fargo Tradesman 200

The 1972 manufacture date on this Fargo B200 window van puts it near the being on the long production run for the Dodge B-series van but near the end of the Fargo name plate in Canada. This one sports a V8 engine of some flavor.

1963 Rambler American 220

I’d seen this 1963 Rambler American 220 a few months back when it was on the crush pile. I’d pulled a hubcap off it at that time to use as some garage art. Seems someone had taken pity on the poor Rambler and stayed its execution for the time being. This one still has a flat head inline six engine but I’d wager in this condition is beyond saving.

I did eventually find my tail light housing after checking many Caravans. Oddly enough there were plenty the side I didn’t need but only a singular driver’s side housing.