Lawnside Classic: 1975 Lawn Boy Lawn Mower

As you frequent readers know, CC is all about the obscure and the interesting. How about this Lawn Boy lawn mower? This particular Lawn Boy has some family history. My grandparents got this mower brand new if I remember correctly, and when my Uncle Dave and Aunt Lori bought their first house in 1984, they gave them the Lawn Boy. These older lawnmowers were tough and very well built, much like another classic lawn mower Paul wrote about some time ago. This particular mower has some local history too, being built in nearby Galesburg, Illinois. This Lawn Boy has a solid aluminum deck and is still ticking along with no complaints, 37 years after it was made. Dave still uses it for trimming, to this day. Let’s hear it for human-propelled lawn mowers, built before average suburban guys got lazy and bought ride-on lawn tractors!