Future CC: Look, A Red Interior In A New Car!

Anyone who has read my posts here on CC probably knows that I am sick and tired of the bland, uninspired interior color options on new cars. Gray, light gray, medium gray, basalt (gray), ecru (tannish-gray) and black. Yuck. Remember back in the ’60s and ’70s, when you could get green, blue, saddle, white, and yes, folks, RED interiors?

Oh, look at the choices you had, once upon a time. Not today though–at least, not much. You can get a red interior on some Audis and the Ford Mustang GT, but if anyone has been saving for a rainy day, you could also get…

…this Boxster. Now, I am not a big fan of silver (unless it’s on a W111 280SE), but with the red top (yes, red top!) and interior, it looks pretty good. It would look even better in black.

I thought I was rather Porsche-savvy, but I initially thought this was a 911 convertible. I hadn’t realized the ’13 Boxster had been so heavily revised.

I’ll tell you though, if it hadn’t been for that red top and interior, I don’t think I’d  have even noticed it. But notice it I did. I know one of the salesmen here (thanks for all the Porsche brochures over the years, Mark!), and he was nice enough to open up the car for proper pics of that lovely red upholstery.

I think it looks great. After all the washed out grays and stark black interiors of the past 15 years, this was a breath of fresh air.

Yes, the steering wheel is red too. Tach right in the middle, just like a proper Porsche.

So how much was this little beauty? Too much. Still, it was fun to check out. Now, let’s start seeing some red, blue and green interiors on more mainstream cars! Are you listening, manufacturers?