Mini CC: 1979 Intenational Scout II Rallye By Johnny Lightning – Minty

Considering all the cool vintage IH iron we’ve been enjoying here on CC, thanks to resident Cornbinder expert Eric Van Buren, I thought it would be appropriate to show you one of my mini Cornbinders: The 1979 Scout II Rallye.

This mint green Traveltop is just one of many Scout II castings JL has done over the years. Some of the earliest versions were done up in modified form for serious scale off-roading, with an aggressive lift kit and giant knobby tires. I thought they were pretty cool, but held out hope that, sooner or later, they would do a nice stock version. And they did!

I happened to be in a local chain store when I saw this mini-Scout II. I was attracted to its unusual mint green paint and black Rallye stripes, and had to take it home with me. Perhaps it spoke to me due to a mint green or aqua Scout II (it may have been a Traveler, I don’t quite remember) that lived near us when I was a kid. This was in around 1990 and I rode my bike everywhere. I frequently passed the Scout because I thought it was cool, despite the fact that it was quite rusty, even then. It didn’t have stripes like my miniature version, though.

This is a seriously detailed model for three bucks! All the decals are applied in correct factory form, and it even sports mini IH emblems on the front fenders and silver “International” script on the tailgate.

The proportions are spot-on as well. The roof is plastic, as soft-top and drop-top versions are offered too. This example is from release 10 of the “Forever 64” series, and though out of production, can most likely be found easily online. I may have to get another II to keep this one company, as the most recent Scout release is a black hardtop with silver stripes.

It’s nice to see a company like JL do interesting old cars like this IH. Quite refreshing compared to the umpteen Camaro and Mustang models hogging the toy aisles at stores today. Now, how about a Travelall, JL?