Mini CC Alert: Baby 1980 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham

Attention, all you Brougham-era fans: Now there’s a company making some of your very favorite cars. Witness this 1980 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham coupe. I’m sure it’s no secret that the 1977-81 B-body Pontiacs are my favorites, so you can understand my excitement when I ran across this new release from American Excellence.

Actually, the first one I saw was the brown version shown above. But when I found out there was also a Dark Red Metallic color combination, I realized that I had to get one.

American Excellence is a subdivision of NEO model cars, which is known for producing high-quality resin models of classic European cars in 1/43 scale. I particularly like their orange ’74 Volvo 145–complete with a dog sleeping in the back–but my Brougham heart beat faster at the sight of this Bonnie.

As you can see, these are exceptionally detailed models. As you might expect, they are a bit up there price-wise, but remember that they are truly limited editions of about 500 per color. And you would not believe the variety of little-seen ’70s U.S. iron…

Don’t fancy a Bonneville? How about an Imperial four-door hardtop?

For those more into FoMoCo products there is a ’77 Town Car. A Mark V, Mark VI, and ’85 Town Car are also available.

They’re not all luxury land yachts either. In addition to this baby-blue Dart Swinger, there’s a Pacer and a Mustang II Ghia! The bottom line is that if you can think of an oddball ’70s American car (meaning not a Camaro, Mustang or Firebird), chances are these guys make it. I don’t typically spend $100 on a model car, but Christmas is coming–and hopefully, there will be a dark red Bonnie Brougham under the tree come December 25.

ED: all images are from the American Excellence website.