Mini CC Outtake: Attack Of The Mini-Broughams

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Still haven’t gotten enough of the Broughmo-Muscle Car Era with today’s ’74 Charger? Well how about these mini ’73 Charger Special Editions, released in the late ’90s by Johnny Lightning?

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The SE was an odd choice in the JL Muscle Cars series, sharing peg space at the store with a GTO Judge, Torino Cobra, AAR ‘cuda and others. But as a college-aged car guy at the time, I was completely smitten with these 1/64 scale Broughams.

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Several color variations were released, and some even came with whitewalls! They were very detailed for their then-$2.99 price. The only problem was the wheels did not sit in their wheelwells very, um, well…

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But I still acquired most of the releases. This dark red one was the first, then the white one with the black top. After that, I can’t really remember. Perhaps the slow release of Broughamtastic compounds were affecting my memory.

They’re certainly not the common-as-dirt 1969 Camaros and 1965 Mustangs commonly seen at your local department store. And for that reason, I still love these little SEs. Want something different? You got it!

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