Miniature Curbside Classic: 1975 Mercedes 240D By Corgi

While I was writing the CC on the 220D, I couldn’t help but remember the silver Corgi 240D I had as a kid. I still have it, in fact, and had sufficient pleasant memories of it to get a couple of mint-condition ones several years ago. So I’m going out on a limb and doing a mini-CC on this solid little British-made toy.

While the 1/1 scale 240D came out in 1973, the Corgi scale version came out in about 1975. There were several versions, with Police, Polizei and fire chief versions in addition to the stock sedan. There was even a rally version with painted-on mud and a roof rack. My original 240D was silver with tan interior, but this original condition diesel looks very nice in metallic silver-blue.

One of the things I like about vintage toys is not only the quality, but the detail. There are many excellent diecast cars currently being produced, but they’re specifically targeting collectors, not kids. This miniature Mercedes was intended to be used as a toy, yet it has great detail, a diecast metal body and base, and opening doors and trunk lid. Plus, these vintage toys have so much character. Corgi really knew how to build them.