Miniature Curbside Classic: Greenlight Collectibles Has The Ford Lineup Covered

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Have you ever stopped and realized just how good you have it? I’m fairly certain most of you reading this are American or from a “first world” nation, so I can say this with confidence: We’re a very prosperous society. The luxury of having time to sit down and read articles on this site is a pleasure that cannot be enjoyed by literally billions of people on this planet. The same goes for buying the toy cars you see before you. 

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So how did I purchase the two Fusions? Via Amazon, with the click of a button. Internet shopping has evolved to the point where you can buy items for a certain price and have the shipping completely taken care of. That’s where the Matchbox Lincoln Navigator comes into play.

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Having not exactly kept up with the companies that still make toy cars these days, I had thought that only Hot Wheels and Matchbox were left. I mean, the recession must have killed off some of these corporations, right? Wrong. 

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A recent trip to my local Toys ‘R’ Us proved that capitalism, while bruised, is certainly still alive and kicking. While walking down the same aisles I used to run through as a child, I apparently came across the only toy car manufacturer that makes non-souped up Fords.

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Obviously, I’m way past the age when I played with these as a child. At least I’m not draining my parents’ bank account anymore. Progress!

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Let’s go back to the Fusions for a bit. They’re 1:43 scale and look reasonably well done. Not the quality of Tom’s insanely detailed ‘cuda, mind you, but I’m guessing both cars came in at a fraction of the price. That is why I’m willing to forgive the company for that pitted windshield.

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Both models are Titaniums, complete with MyFordTouch, chrome exhaust outlets, and the 18″ wheels. I’m guessing they both have a 2.0 turbo under the hood, but since it can’t open, that information could not be verified.

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The Fusion is on fire. Sales figures are through the roof, and last month it was the top-selling mid-size sedan in Canada. AWD and Hybrid models have a habit of obtaining new owners as soon as they get off the truck.

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But I didn’t buy everything you see before you. Working at a dealership has many advantages, one of which is Ford swag, which has helped bolster my Miniature CC collection.

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Since we’re in the Tri-State area, its only logical that we’d have a stash of these. Yankee Stadium is a direct stop on the Metro-North line that runs east of the Hudson River. It would take me about an hour to get to the Bronx from my house.

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Here’s a Focus ST model, again with a Yankees paint job. Funny story: a real life, non-ST Focus with the Yankees paint scheme showed up on a tow truck one day. Turns out the owner thought (thinks?) that by not using it (for many months, by the way), the car will eventually become valuable. I wonder if it will be worth the repair bill they got after our service department was through with it. Probably not.

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Bam! All three in one place. There are more models, but I generally have to ask for one at the right time. Maybe I’ll try my luck for another one this week.

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Life is good when you have multiple places to buy toy cars on your day off from selling real-life ones. Here’s Greenlight’s take on the Fiesta Titanium. I have no idea what color they slathered on this example because Ford doesn’t offer a blue like this for 2013.

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They do, however, make the Escape in black; Tuxedo Black, to be specific. The real-life vehicles are surprisingly nimble. They also sell like iPhones at an Apple store.

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Unlike the rest of my die-cast collection, these fine examples are going to be in service for quite a while. Their new home? My desk at work. However, my love for the Ingot Silver Fusion was too great–it’s sitting beside me as we speak. All that’s left to say is that I’m thankful for what I have at a time other than Thanksgiving. Progress!