Miniature Rampside Classic – Chasing a Cub

Back in the late ’90s and early ‘oughts, I worked with Jerry, a fellow car nut. We got along pretty well, since we both loved Studebakers and vintage VWs. He was the marketing director of the insurance company and sometimes I helped him on projects, including a trade show at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, where I helped set up our booth and handed out miniature bottle openers and pens. The big plus on that occassion was dinner with one of our agents at Gallagher’s, a very cool supper club/steakhouse in downtown Springfield. Great prime rib!

After retiring a few years back, Jerry and his wife moved to Arizona from Sherman, IL (just outside of Springfield) to be closer to their grandkids. Of course, not having to deal with snow is a plus, but what he likes the most is their field, where he can play with his toys. The main one of which is a scale Piper NE-1 (The NE being the Navy designation for the J-3 Cub). He recently sent me a YouTube video of a friend’s scale plane “chasing” his around the field. Enjoy!

Oh, and here’s a full-size version!