CC Miniature: Childhood Toybox Dive


I still have the majority of the toy cars I grew up with. The smart kids kept their Star Wars figures in mint condition for a big collectable pay off but for me the one childhood toy I hung onto was my cars. The collection includes mostly Hot Wheels, Majorette and Matchbox of that late 1970s to perhaps the early 1990s. The later additions tend to be in better condition but I was never one to strap firecrackers to my toys so almost all have survived over the years. Anyone who grew up in the 1980s will surely recognize a few from their own toy chests.

AMC Pacer

This Hot Wheels AMC Pacer was one of the my favorite cars as a child. The painted on decals wore right off from the extensive play.

AMC Pacer rear

A little hard to see but this Pacer has its engine where the rear seat would normally be. As a young boy I distinctly remember asking my Grandfather if he would desire real life version. His answer of no on the account of it being too hot inside gave me my first inclination that I might be alone in the family as the only car person.


I really liked this Majorette Mercedes W124 with opening doors except for the fact that the front doors have a slightly different shade of silver to the rest of the car.


This Bedford auto transporter was a gift from a Scotland based relative.


I had two of these Hot Wheels Chevrolet Corvettes with an opening hood.


This Packard is also Hot Wheels. I added the orange paint at some point in attempt to boost the realism.

Land Rover

Land Rover by Majorette missing the roof rack which as I recall fell off very easily.

Ford Capri

This wide body Ford Capri by Corgi had more plastic in its construction than an equivalent Hot Wheels or Matchbox.

Hot Rod 1

My parents bought me this Hot Rod at some tourist trap type store on the journey from Canada to Texas in 1984.

Hot Rod 2

The rear license plate is an unusual. I also have a futuristic van that is also equipped with the rear plate.

Nissan 300ZX Turbo

I recall that this Nissan 300ZX Turbo originally belonged to my brother but I claimed after he lost interest.


One of three Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham limousines I have. One of each in grey , white and black.



Ford Transit Super Van from Matchbox.


Hot Wheels Ford Woody with Good Year rubber tires.

Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra by Majorette with opening front doors.

Chevrolet Citation

This Chevrolet Citation X-11 by Hot Wheels has outlived most of the 1:1 scale examples.

That concludes the small dive into my childhood toy box. Anyone recognize a toy car they also had growing up?