TOAL: 1976 Chevy Blazer (Mattel Power Shifter)

I love collecting older toys, especially anything having to do with cars. I found what I think is one the coolest pieces of my collection last night and would like to share it.

During my usual evening walk, I came across a large red truck in the toy section of my local Texas Thrift. Glancing up at it, I wondered what an old Blazer was doing parked next to broken Nerf guns and long forgotten action figures.

I picked it up and the body shell came away to reveal a bright yellow dragster underneath.

I extended the front portion and ran it along the ground a few times to find it had a large flywheel in the back. I got the mechanism spinning fast and flicked the switch on the back to see the car  shoot forward while popping a wheelie and go careening down the thrift store aisle.

For the hefty sum of one dollar, I now have a neat little piece of toy history. I’m amazed this thing has lasted 43 years! Sadly, the pull cord on the back snapped off long before I bought it. Thankfully, it can still be revved up like I did it at the thrift store. Does anyone remember having this as a kid? I am planning on saving it for my own one day.