CC Cinema Track Test: Ferrari 458 Italia–In Case You Were Wondering, It Handles Better Than a Dart Wagon

My kind father has recently made it an annual tradition to visit driving schools and experiences around our lovely home state.  This year, we drove three hours to GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, MI, for the “Xtreme Xperience.”  Even though the company moniker is a little too hip for me, I can overlook that because I got to do three laps in a 458 Italia.  Here they are.  This was my first time around the track, and I had to get used to not only it, but a Ferrari I’ve never driven.  I think I did OK after a warmup lap.


Of course, a man in his large-sized helmet sometimes just has to wait around, and I’m no exception.  If you don’t want to wait through my “easing into it,” feel free to start the video at 2:30 or so.


And here I am entering said Ferrari for my laps.  Good times.  I recommend it if you have a few hundred dollars lying around that you don’t want to put into your fleet of junkers.  After all, few modern cars sound as mellifluous as a 458.


Here’s the Lamborghini Huracan my dad drove, just in case you prefer those over Ferraris.