Moving Target: One Last Ride For The Season?

After a brief spell of unusual-for-the-Quad Cities warm weather, we are back to typical Midwestern autumn weather: 40s and 50s in the daytime, dipping to the 20s or 30s at night. I attended a car show last Sunday that will in all likelihood be the last one of the year. But there are still a few car guys taking their vintage iron out for a spin, including this ’67 Impala I saw in traffic on Wednesday afternoon.

I spotted it while merging onto John Deere Road, and I had to get closer for a better look. I have been to a lot of car shows this year, but I’d never seen this car before. It’s even an Impala SS model, one of 66,510 hardtops built that year. No way to tell from this distance whether it is the $2,898 six-cylinder or $3,003 V8, but I think it’s safe to say it’s the latter.

Just as I was about to get a great close-up shot, the driver slowed down to enter the left-turn lane, so this shaky parting shot is all you get. I briefly debated following him to see if he was going someplace nearby, but I had errands to run. The ’67s sure were lookers, weren’t they?