Museum Classic: 1948 Tasco – Wild, But Not Exactly Gordon Buehrig’s Finest

Tasco f

(Cohort photos by johnh875)  There’s no disputing that Gordon Buehrig was one of the very finest American automotive designer ever. His name is associated with three of the most celebrated cars ever: the Duesenberg Model J, the 1936 Cord 810 and the 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster. Well, after that list of accomplishments, we can cut him a bit of slack for his 1948 Tasco, which he later called “my Edsel”. Was he referring to the nose, or its failure, or presumably both? If you think the front is a bit wild, wait till you see the rear. Or the interior.

Tasco r

The Tasco was the the result of some investors that approached Buehrig with plans to build “The American Sports Car”. It was built mostly out of aluminum, and Beech Aircraft was approached about building it. It all amounted to nothing, but it makes for an interesting historical footnote.

Tasco int

The interior is straight out of Buck Rogers. The gauges look like they are aviation-grade. But the Tasco had one important design feature that became popular in later decades: it had the world’s first T-Top roof, with removable plexiglass panels.