Museum Classics: A Visit To The EFA Museum of German Automotive History, Part 2

The museum reopens from its winter closure at the end of March, so let’s view some cars less well known in North America.

The Hanomag 2/10 PS “Kommissbrot” (army commissary bread loaf) was produced from 1924 -1928, “featuring” a 503 cc single cylinder engine producing 10 hp. It was a fairly radical design with its full width compact body and mid-rear engine, an effort to build a low-cost “people’s car” more than a decade before the Volkswagen.


I didn’t take notes during the visit, so don’t have exact years and models. But Tatra87 covered these mid 1930s Auto Union cars in his comprehensive post: Automotive History: German Deadly Sins (The Neckarsulm Chronicles, Part 2) – DKW: Two-Strokes And You’re Out

Can someone identify this one ? Don’t think it’s a Wanderer or Horch.

1936 Mercedes 170H H = Heckmotor, or rear engine. These cars were outsold by the front engine 170V model offered during the same time frame.

Kuebelwagen version of the VW Beetle widely used by the Wehrmacht in WWII.

Schwimmwagen: Amphibious, four-wheel drive developed by Porsche based on VW components. Note the drop down propeller and high mounted exhaust.  CC’s post on these two is here.

Early post WWII beetle with small oval rear window

1956 Horch P240 Sachsenring. Paul covered it here.

A car which needs no introduction, the 1954-1957 Mercedes 300 SL coupe. Here’s a vintage review of the gullwing.

1953-1964 Messerschmitt Kabinenroller covered by Paul here.

The 1960-1962 Borgward P100 has sunk on its (optional) air suspension, a very advanced feature for the time. Tatra87 covered the Borgward saga here.

1966 Glas 2600 V8 Beautiful instrument panel ! I’m biased, because I used to own this car’s “little sister”, a Glas 1300 GT, which featured the same panel. Didn’t get a good photo of the car itself, so see photo below from the web of the BMW Glas 3000 GT. Tatra87 covered this and the history of Glas here:

1969-1976 Audi 100 Coupe S The 4 door and (rare) 2 door sedans established Audi in North America, but the coupe was never officially imported. Perry Shoar covered this milestone care here:

Better photo from the web

1976-1979 Ford Taunus TC2 TC = Taunus/Cortina, as it was also produced in England as the Cortina Mk IV.

1972-1977 Opel Rekord D coupe, with a love letter from Paul.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you’re in southern Germany, the museum is absolutely worth visiting. Thursdays only, an additional large hall with dozens more cars is opened … for an additional fee.

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