CC Jukebox: Two Car Songs About Defunct Brands

From Wikipedia

I was cruising along in my Tacoma a few days ago, only half listening to the radio, when I realized there was a car song playing that I hadn’t heard before. “56 Fury, finest car on the road”. At first I wondered if this was historically correct … was there a Fury in 1956, or did it come along later?

But the song was sung with such passion and detail, I decided that I shouldn’t question it, though I did check when I got home, and indeed 1956 was the first year for the Fury. If you’re a MoPar fan and haven’t heard it, the song is a new release by Rodney Crowell. You can hear it here:

As the next song began, I heard that it too was a car song: “It’s a Pontiac, it’s a ’63 StratoChief, with three on the tree …” What the heck is a Pontiac StratoChief? I knew there was a Chieftain, way back when, but StratoChief just didn’t sound right. But of course, it is right. The StratoChief was a Canada-only model, which I’m sure many of the CC cognoscenti know well, but other than Beaumont and Laurentian I have trouble keeping up with the Canadian GM brands and models, which rarely migrated as far south as California even back when they were still common on Canadian roads. And, it turned out the song, “Pontiac”,  is by Canadian singer Fred Eaglesmith, so maybe it’s a car from his own past and not just a catchy subject for a song. Here’s a video of Eaglesmith performing the song:

I don’t think it was random that the DJ picked two car songs to play in a row, but the fact that both were defunct, “P” brands is probably just a coincidence. But it was enough to stick in my mind, and I thought worth sharing here. Nice, eh?