My Favorite International Ads: Cornbinders At Work And Play

(First Posted December 15, 2011)  ED: Eric sent me this list of his favorite IH ads. I’m just going to let these speak for themselves, as they’re mostly pretty eloquent in conveying the Cornbinder world-view. But do note the contrast of this 1966 Scout ad to the ’66 Corvette ad. International was wee a bit more conservative.

This is a classic, extolling the Travelall’s 10,000 lbs towing capacity

This is the print version.

Going back a decade to 1961.

And the 1969 Pickup.

Here’s a Canadian Compact pickup, with six foot bed and the Scout’s four cylinder engine. US version was the 900. (ED: Amazing how much that looks like the Toyota Stout pickup of the same vintage)

A Scout II ad from 1973.

And tv too.

Another tv ad.

Back to 1964: home delivery. Maybe folks were intimidated to go to an International dealer.

Sure, who wouldn’t?

And an Australian Scout tv ad.