My Junkyard Treasure Hunt

(Pete Madsen sends us the fruits of his recent junkyard hunt)

It’s time to try my hand at a piece for Curbside Classics, wrecking yard division. I thought that this particular dismantler might still have some older cars on hand, since I sold a 1958 Plymouth parts car there a couple of decades ago. I showed up on a cool, cloudy, but dry December day, camera in hand, and asked if he might still have my old Plymouth. He waved his hand toward the back door and invited me to have a look for myself.

The first thing I saw was this red Cadillac ambulance. The storage building behind it definitely adds some ambiance.

Then this 1971 or 1972 boattail Riviera appeared. It’s still all in one piece, but I’m not sure that it matters.

This red 1983 RX-7 caught my eye next, because it reminded me of my own white car. Look at the body on that – nothing wrong with it at all.

It looks as though the entire interior went into another car though.

Not far from that was this Mazda 929. It’s been under the trees for a good while and has lost its passenger-side front door, but the driver’s door still opened and closed like it did when the car was new in the showroom.

Again, interior pieces seemed to be the main stock in trade of this car.

There were a few Panthers too. Here’s the Town Car end of the row.

Now I’ve found my way to the back corner of the lot where some of the older vehicles are. In general, General Motors vehicles are predominant. Here’s the pickup row,

and here’s an old L-100 International. I think all the pickup boxes had odds and ends piled in them.

This 1957 Lincoln has a straight body but looks like it sat abandoned for a long time before it arrived here.

The 1941 Chrysler sedan is the oldest car I saw. You can see where the weeds brushed against the bottoms of the primered doors when it was still in a grassy field.

Here are a 1956 Buick and a 1950-1952 Cadillac sedan.

This 1956 Cadillac 2-door hardtop has been pretty well picked over.There’s a red 1964 Oldsmobile behind the Caddy’s tailfin, and if the weather had been clear the Olympic Mountains would be visible in the background.

This poor old 1951 or 1952 Packard sedan ended up as the parts car to something else, judging by how little is left of it. Note the jury-rig taillight.

I was surprised to see any vehicles that old in a wrecking yard in these days when everything seems to turn over at a more rapid pace, and with the present high scrap prices it’s possible that they won’t be here much longer.