QOTD: The Used Car Lot in 2013; What Is Your Pick?

Howdy, partner, welcome to the As-Is Used Car Corral.  Mosey on up and take a gander.  You know you need transportation and we have it.  There’s more variety than you can tote in a five-gallon bucket.

So can I interest you in a 1992 Corvette, the car that is as American as apple pie because, hey, it’s a Chevrolet?  Or maybe you want something a little more exotic and sleeker, like this 1999 Porsche convertible?  Both are babe-magnets like no other.  You can’t go wrong with either of these two.

Or maybe you need to haul the unintended outcome of hooking up with that babe.  If so, this Ford Windstar minivan is just the meal ticket.  We can easily make you a package deal.  A wise fellow always plans ahead, or at least has a contingency plan.

Since those likely aren’t everyone’s chicken gravy, let’s look elsewhere on our lot.  If you want to be more dignified than some topless German, feast your eyes on this fully-dressed Englishman.  That’s right a 2002 Jag-you-war in resale silver.  That Jag is pure poetry in motion.  This is almost like a tuxedo on wheels.

If you want to multitask, try this 2008 Ford F-250.  Ignore all that incessant “monster truck” hogwash; this darlin’ will still be running long after the passenger cars we’ve seen so far have been recycled into dishwashers.  With it’s ability to pull nearly anything that needs to be pulled, you’ll rest easier at night having this 3/4 ton Ford parked in your driveway.

Lastly, if that Windstar is not enough, let me introduce you to this 1994 Ford Econoline van.  With it being one of them-there conversion vans, it likely has a bed in the back.  Well, maybe that’s not a good idea if you don’t know why those babies keep happening but at least you can haul something with it.  It just won’t be much unless you tie it down as having loose crap fly at your head when you stop fast is zero fun.

But this Econoline does have a 351 V8, so it’s a fantastic tugboat.

Oh, I almost forgot….I have my loaner car for sale, too.  It’s three years old with only 55,000 miles.  What tickles your fancy?