CC News: BMW M850i Night Sky Edition – It Actually Uses Meteorites

We’ve seen car interiors that have used wood, leather and carbon fiber. Bentley even offered stone veneers. But meteorite? Actual meteorite? Yes, the BMW M850i Night Sky Edition is decorated with this other-worldly material.

Let’s just get all the space puns out of the way now, shall we? This special edition is out of this world. When it comes to BMW Individual’s creations, the sky’s the limit. It has you looking starry-eyed. You want to (meteor) shower BMW with praise for making it and you want to comet to buy it.

There, done. Now, let’s talk about this astonishing creation. It uses material from the Muonionalusta meteorite, formed some 4,570 million years ago. The unique geometric pattern of this material is known as Widmanstätten patterning and only occurs naturally in space objects like meteorites.

The unmistakable patterning of the space object can be seen on the front spoiler, mirrors, vents and brake discs although these parts aren’t hewn from the meteorite. Continuing with the intergalactic theme, the body is painted in two-tone black and metallic San Marino Blue. The blue was hand-painted in graduated coats atop the black base, the effect intended to be reminiscent of twilight.

Opening the doors and stepping over the emblazoned and meteorite-decorated sill plates, you’ll find an avant garde interior with a bevy of textures and patterns. The Merino leather seats, like the exterior parts, replicate the Widmanstätten pattern of the meteorite material and are finished in three different tones: Opal White, Midnight Blue and Silver.

A perforated backlit armrest is reminiscent of the night sky, a similar effect to that used by Rolls-Royce on their Starlight Headliner.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: more than 21 ounces of real meteorite material decorates the center console, start/stop button, iDrive controller and the gearshift.

If you’re completely sold on the meteorite idea, I’m afraid to say you’re out of luck as the M850i Night Sky is a one-off. I know, that probably asteroid you to read. Ok, I had one more pun. Dad jokes aside, this is one utterly distinctive and memorable vehicle. We’ve seen wood, leather, carbon fiber, stone and meteorite now. What on Earth (or beyond Earth) is next?