CC News: FCA To Jeep Liberty Owners With Sky Slider Roof – “You’re F**ked”

Lasting between the original XJ Jeep Cherokee and the crossover KL Jeep Cherokee for two generations, the Jeep Liberty was a compact SUV in which generally more bad than good could be said about it, and I’ll leave it at that. Yet among its second generation’s more interesting and notable features, was an available power-retractable acrylic cloth roof. Dubbed “Sky Slider” this panoramic moonroof offered an expansive 60″ by 30″ opening reminiscent of the open-air feel of the Wrangler, yet with added sense of safety and security. Unfortunately, it was also prone to leaking, and to simply stop working.

This past week, a spokesperson from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles confirmed that there is no longer availability of either the parts for the sliding roof or for its frame, citing that the original supplier is no longer in business. To make matters worse, FCA does not have any alternative fixes or aftermarket solutions for owners who are experiencing faulty Sky Slider roofs.

So, in the words of Edie McClurg’s delightfully annoying rental car clerk from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, “You’re F**ked!”.