Curbside Newsstand: Research Reveals Automotive Preferences For Women And Men

Human men and women. You know how the saying goes: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Actually, no one says that. Perhaps the Klingons or Twil’leks, who’ve clandestinely visited Earth over the years, think such things after visiting our planet. Or not. Regardless, men and women have different tastes when it comes to cars. That’s not an absolute statement, but recently released some gender-based data regarding vehicle tastes among men and women. You might be surprised at what they found. released figures based on most popular brands, most popular vehicles, and most popular car features between men and women. For brands, women and men’s tastes are actually pretty similar. Men’s top choices are Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and BMW. Women put Nissan in third place and Toyota in fourth. Women only had one luxury automaker in the top ten, which was BMW. Men were a bit different. Four luxury automakers were in the top ten. Mercedes, Audi and Lexus made their top ten in addition to BMW.

From top left to bottom right, the above photo displays women’s top four picks. Definitely no surprises there. But the Escape’s top four appearance probably explains why the redesigned 2020 model pivoted away from a more truck-like exterior.

By contrast, men’s top four picks tilt to trucks and muscle cars. No pickups made women’s top ten, but four pickups appear on the guy’s list. The Ram 1500 and Toyota Tacoma are number five and nine, respectively. The women’s list had six sedans, while just two showed up on the men’s side. Three compact crossovers made women’s top ten but none of them ranked high for men. The Jeep Grand Cherokee showed up on both lists though. Ford’s Explorer is number ten for men, which perhaps explains the new ST model.

As for features, women preferred more practical equipment while men desired more tech-oriented stuff. Although a backup camera earned the top spot on both lists. Automatic emergency braking is another popular feature for both genders. Men prioritized smartphone integration and premium audio too. Otherwise there weren’t too many surprises there.

Any other surprises? Just one. Dodge ranked number ten for men. As a performance oriented brand that tends to market their products towards individuals with a Y chromosome, it really seems like Dodge should’ve ranked higher. Then again, perhaps most guys would go for a truck rather than a Dodge Charger or Challenger. In any event, the full list definitely deserves a quick look.