CC Outtakes: A Trip to the Mechanic

I love visiting my mechanic.  Not only is he a great guy who is really good with my cars, but the view is so scenic as well.  A neighboring business has this fascinating collection of old iron out front.  Awaiting repairs?  Or just the owner’s way of having a modest little car collection?  Or do these old timers have a secret life of sitting around and shooting the breeze?  It doesn’t matter, I just enjoy the view and thought that my fellow CC readers might enjoy it too.  So, how many ’61 Imperials have you seen lately?  Have you ever noticed how both front fenders and the header panel over the grille appear to be a single piece?  Not a single exposed seam, they were probably filled by hand on the production line.  Is this why they called it “America’s Most Carefully Built Car”?

Or how about this retired law enforcement officer.  I wonder how the county sheriff’s department rated Mercury Montereys in 1971.  I would guess that Ford Customs would have been cheaper.  Oh well, who am I to begrudge our  sheriff’s deputies a little comfort during a hard day’s work.  This one looks mighty straight and rust-free for this area.

This ’66 Thunderbird looks pretty nice.  A base model hardtop (not the Landau) with red interior and that cool swing-away steering wheel.  This one looks like it is ready to roll right on out,  just needs a license plate.  I wonder if the sequential turn signals still work?

This ’81 Reliant is like one of the young ‘uns sitting around absorbing the stories and wisdom of the older folks.  These K’s used to be common as dirt, but when was the last time you saw one?  We must also salute this one for its properly clean whitewalls.

I’m sorry, did I just ask how long since you saw a ’61 Imperial?  How about TWO ’61 Imperials?  Is this not the most fabulous set of bookends ever?  Just think – if this were 50 years ago, some aristocrat with a yachting cap could spend his mornings sipping coffee and wondering “Do I feel like driving the white one or the blue one today?”

OK, time to go back and pick up the Crown Victoria that no longer leaks power steering fluid and get home for dinner.  Funny how my 18 year old car suddenly doesn’t seem so old.