Curbside East Coast Meet Up – Who Wants To Meet Up At Radwood Philly, Or Possibly The Day Before?

The date is fast approaching everyone! I’ve purchased my ticket and booked my hotel room. The Taurus still needs some work to get it in tip top shape, but it should be ready to go in a month. Which is when I’d like to meet some of you dear readers when Radwood invades Philadelphia on April 5, 2020. Or we could meet up the day before. Your call.

Radwood is a newer show tailored specifically to cars produced between 1980-1999. This is obviously a millennial oriented show, but based on pictures of previous shows the crowds seem pretty diverse. According to Radwood’s official Twitter account there were over 600 registrations for their Austin show. So expect a diverse group of cars.

Attendees are encouraged to dress up in era-appropriate clothing. I haven’t decided on what I’ll wear at the show, but I may end up looking like Gordon Gekko. Or I might dress like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation, which is actually more appropriate because he drove a first generation Taurus wagon in the movie.

But I digress. The show requires participants to get there at 9:00am. Since it’s an all-day affair, I decided to book a room for both Saturday and Sunday. I don’t really have any plans on Saturday, but right now I’m thinking I’d like to get a genuine Philly cheese steak and go to the Philadelphia Zoo. I am completely fine with doing a meet up at any point during this trip. Personally, a shindig on Saturday makes more sense to me, because we can hang out at a bar and just talk and stuff. Everyone is probably going to want to go in different directions at the show anyway. Plus, this is the first time I’ll have the Taurus at any type of car show. I may not want to leave it unattended. Obviously, meeting up at the show would be fine too.

My request is that anyone interested in a potential meet up comment below. Please let us know what you’re preferred time/date/location is for the gathering. There will be at least one more follow-up post between now and the date of the car show too. Looking forward to it!