Musuem Visit – Northeast Classic Car Museum Norwich, NY

1955 Studebake President

Tucked away in a little town in a forgotten corner of  the Empire State is quite a remarkable collection of automobiles…



Frankling you can sit it

The Museum’s claim to fame is that they have the largest collection of Franklins in the world, which makes sense, as they were assembled just up the road in Syracuse.


I know that Franklins are somewhat outside our purview here, but here’s a 1933 Olympic that you can sit inside (hey, I sat inside a legit classic! What’s next?).

At over a hundred cars, I can’t highlight each and every one, so let’s look at some of the more unusual models.

White horse

A White Horse Delivery truck–I can sorta remember getting the milk from Sunny Hill Dairy in one of these, along with the Missourian being thrown from an Isetta.  It always bugged me not knowing what it was, and I knew that was not a Divco, although the museum has one of those, too

1957 Ponitac Sarfari

1957 Pontiac Safari–One of the nice touches of the museum is that they have mannequins dressed in period appropriate clothing posed next to most of the cars.

1958 Packard with four tailfins

1958 Packard Wagon–They have an entire section on wagons (versus viewing them as parts cars).

1961 Valiant

A 1961 Valiant wagon.  I wonder if it rolled down the in Fenton, Mo on February 23rd, the same day I showed up down the road in Cape Girardeau.

Does it pick up Glenn Miller?

Does it pick up Glenn Miller?

1910 Buick

And something for the patina fans.

Homemade car from Chenango county

This is quite literally a homemade car by a Chenango County blacksmith circa 1907.

Made in Norwich as well

A Chenango Camp Trailer, made in Norwich.


A 1952 Enterprise, swoopy enough for Bill Shatner.


Another Playboy.


Of course, they have Broughams! This is a 1947 Hudson Super Six Brougham Convertible…


…and look at what parked next to me at lunch.


Northeast Classic Car Museum

24 Rexford St.

Norwich, NY 13185