Swap Meet Classics – A Survey of the Parking Lot

I always enjoy attending the local swap meet despite usually not making any big purchases. It probably helps that it occurs in the doldrums of winter when nothing much else automotive-wise is happening. More often than not the event seems to correspond with a break in the weather, which makes spotting Curbside Classic material in the parking lot like shooting fish in a barrel. This year the weather was not fantastic but a good number of interesting vehicles were still to be found.

If you had to drive a classic in the winter this GMC 1500 Custom 4×4 would be a decent choice. The big rig Western Star mud flaps dominate the rear view.

This Ford F150 Ranger shows another path to Seventies classic truck ownership. Except for the grill guard and extra lighting it appears to be very stock right down the hubcaps. The two tone paint scheme is an attractive touch on these sixth generation F-series trucks.

This Chevrolet C20 is not as shiny as the Ford or as modified as the GMC but appears to still be earning its keep as a driver. You certainly do not see front mounted spare tires often anymore.

While Albertans love their trucks this Pontiac Grand Prix proves that older cars braved the elements as well. The front plate is a sure sign of long term ownership.

This Daytona looked well kept. Since this is Canada it is a Chrysler not a Dodge. This one had IROC stickers on it which would make it a 1991 if they are legitimate.

Ford Model A chassis (and parts)?

I have seen this AMC Eagle station wagon around town so it is a driver. These days it is always a treat to see a vehicle fake wood paneling on the side.

Here is something I have never seen before. Mitsubishi Minicab van imported from Japan.

Manual transmission in this one.

This a sixth generation Minicab was introduced in 1999.

Perhaps right on the cusp of being a classic car I think these first generation Honda Insights are among the most interesting hybrids. Perhaps as they are one of the few hybrid vehicles offered with a manual transmission.

Where have the Nissan 240SXs gone? These were a common vehicle ten years ago but a rare sight now. This look appears quite stock except for a single wiper conversion and older 200SX rims on the rear.

Sort of truck, sort of a car. It is a Chevrolet El Camino in nice shape.

Can we stomach one more truck? Maybe if it is a GMC Syclone? Produced in 1991 these featured a turbocharged 4.3L V6 and were memorably tested against a Ferrari by Car & Driver.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the treasures to be found inside the swap meet.