Vintage Photograph Outtake: December 29, 1961

Perhaps Facebook isn’t a complete waste of time.  It was there I stumbled onto these fabulous old pictures from late 1961.  They were posted by the group “Missouri’s Historic Highways” and were simply too good to pass up.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a 1954 Buick during the aftermath of a snowstorm or driving beneath a plume of blown snow?


These pictures were taken along US 136 in Gentry County, Missouri, west of the little town of Stanberry in the northwest part of the state.  This is a very rural area as the 2010 Census disclosed the population of Gentry County as being a modest 6,738.

If you are wondering why the operator is blowing the snow onto (or across, to be more descriptive) the road, he’s simply blowing it in the direction of the wind to keep it from drifting again.  Snow removal is an art that is much more complex than it appears.

The vintage of the snow blower itself is unknown but my guess is it’s an Oshkosh from the 1940s based upon the cab shape and window placement.  If anybody has a better idea, please speak up.