CC Illustrations: Chrysler R Body Police Cars

The introduced for the 1979 model year Chrysler R body cars: Chrysler Newport, Chrysler New Yorker, and Dodge St. Regis along with the introduced for the 1980 model year Plymouth Gran Fury were short lived only making it to 1981. All of the R bodies, save for the New Yorker, were offered as police packages. Despite the short run, they were very familiar to viewers of movies and TV shows. The 1979 St. Regis above was one of the cars used on the classic William Shatner police drama T.J. Hooker in later seasons.

The California Highway patrol used the St. Regis and as expected they eventually showed up on the Erik Estrada police drama CHiPs.

The Philadelphia Police used the 1979 Chrysler Newport, this one was a real police car used in the movie Trading Places.

The Sûreté du Québec also used the Newport.

The Cincinnati Police used the St. Regis.

As did the Kentucky State Police.

The Minnesota State Patrol used the St. Regis in 1979,

but switched to the Gran Fury in 1980.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police used the Grand Fury for 1980.

The Ontario Provincial Police used the 1980 Grand Fury.

The Chenago County Sheriff in New York State used the 1980 Grand Fury.

The New York City Police Department used the 1980 Grand Fury only for highway patrol duties, while the precinct RMPs were the F body Plymouth Volaré.