What If: Cars Without Wheels

Renaud Marion’s Air Drive imagining of car designs without their wheels has been making the rounds in the last few days. I found it very interesting to see how each car reacts to the treatment. The Cadillac DeVille looks quite natural with the exception of the rear door cutout. The Pagoda Mercedes-Benz SL looks rather plain and it is clear the important styling elements are missing. The mid-70s big bumper Camaro worked out better than I could have imagined. Inspired by this I created the AirBird from a 1962 Ford Thunderbird. I couldn’t stop there of course …


Given the speed boat type lines of the floating T-Bird why not go that extra step and create a ThunderBoat?


Here are a couple more quickies from the always innovative 1970s era British Leyand. Anyone want share their own creations or suggest a vehicle the would suit the wheel-less look? I’d imagine a Citroen DS or any one of the Tatras steamliners would work nicely.