Classic “What If”: Poverty-Spec Limousine

I recently came across a survivor-condition 1970s Dodge Dart, in the usual shade of brown–and I’d be willing to bet money there’s a slant six engine under the hood. The automotive equivalent of sensible shoes? After all, nothing says solid financial restraint like an old Dart, but limousines are practically synonymous with wretched excess. What is more contradictory than a humble limousine?

Not humble enough, you say? Well, I suppose the Dart does feature such luxuries as windows, seat belts and a heater. This Ford Model T is an actual vehicle, but I recall the owner saying that it was made this way much later in its life.

Back to more modern times. Our stretched Dart wasn’t without peers; there were at least a handful of coach-built limousines based off the solidly middle-class Caprice, including this example I found in (of all places) the parking lot of a self-service junkyard.

Perhaps the best known modest limo is the Chrysler Executive Sedan and Limousine, which was  created from a stretched K-car LeBaron.