Introducing Project XJ6: The First Official CC Project Car


Not too long ago, I was considering picking up an older Jaguar to use as a daily driver. Having never owned one before, I asked the commentariat about their Jag experiences.

The vast majority of responses were along the lines of, “Run! Run far! Run fast!” Some came from current or former owners; many came from those who’d merely heard the horror stories. Regardless of the source, there clearly was a negative vibe running through the bulk of the comments.

But not everybody was suggesting I run away screaming. As one commenter remarked: “Go for it as a lesson to us all that are seduced by Jags. Do it as a gift to us all so we can either delight in your experience or share in your pain.”


So for those who’ve really wondered what it takes to own and operate a $1000 Jaguar–or for those who just like to yell “Jump! Jump!” at the guy on the ledge–your day has come.

In the coming weeks, my usual Wednesday posts will be temporarily set aside while I attempt to bring this 1984 XJ6 back to life. You’ll get to see each step, in all its torturous, cringeworthy, “glad that’s not me” detail.

“But wait,” you say, “I thought you were looking at an XJ40.” And I was. But after seeing multiple Jags, I decided on this one instead. That’s where the story will begin next Wednesday.

XJ40s are nice–but all issues of practicality aside, didn’t you really want to see me end up with a real hell-project? One that’ll punish me for every wrench I turn, every mile I cover, every time I so much as look at it funny? If so, then this is the car you would have picked. You’ll see why soon.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I attempt to turn this mean old kitty into a purring daily driver. Even if the car decides to behave itself (yeah, right!), this series will run clear into May, so there’s lots for you to look forward to.


Next week’s Project XJ6 is all about the Jag’s homecoming. Don’t miss it!