QOTD: Does Your Significant Other Share Your Automotive Passion?

Triumph Spitfire ad

Our QOTDs tend to be about us and our cars. But what about the other person in your life (assuming there is one)? Do they share your enthusiasm for stopping the car to shoot your latest CC find or your interminable restoration project that’s kept the garage off limits for decades?  Or do their reactions mirror that of the unfortunate passenger in this photo?


As CCers, we have a leg up on other auto enthusiasts in our tendency and obligation to tie historical and cultural context into our pieces.  Cars are more than just engineering, they engage the senses and reflect the popular aspirations of their era.  Those qualities are accessible to most, and even my non-carloving peers enjoy catching up on the website from time to time.


On the other hand, the auto bug hit most of us early, and if many of us can remember when, we can’t remember exactly why it happened.  Our obsession with cars has long meant something entirely different to those in our lives who don’t share our hobby and gearheads have long used the internet as a refuge in which they could share their passion with like-minded individuals.  But even within the enthusiast community at large, our unique love of obscure models is sometimes lost on others.


So in your personal life, where does your significant other stand; do they participate in your love of often-unglamorous models?  Would they prefer your focus be directed toward universally accepted classics?  Are they ambivalent?  Do they hate cars?  Or do you honestly need to take a step back from the garage and/or computer and indulge them with participation in their own interests?