QOTD: Should The Ignition Key To My 1978 Olds 88 Be Removable While The Engine Is Running?

Olds ignition switch

(David Linge left this question as a comment, and I think he’s more likely to get help with it from you if I post it here)     I am asking if anyone can give me some info about my 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. I have owned 4 Oldsmobiles from the ’70’s. On every Olds, I was able to remove the key from the ignition with the engine running. My Olds has under 50,000 original miles. I was stopped by Canada’s Finest (RCMP). The second the officer asked for my insurance, I pulled my key out to unlock the glovebox. With that, the officer snatched my keys from me and impounded my car for “Faulty Ignition”. That cost almost $400. That was me and my son’s grocery money for the entire month. Now, there is a complete mechanical inspection ordered on my car just because I can take the key out while running.

I contacted GM, and they were no help. They claim that they have thrown out all records/data sheets for all Oldsmobiles. I need someone to point me to someone who can verify that my car was indeed designed to take the key out while running.

I have Googled this for 3 weeks, and the closest I can come is some 1999-2003 models had a factory defect that allowed a person to take the key out while engine is “on”. I came across many articles with people saying they could take the key out on their 1970’s Olds. Problem is, I need factory documentation to fight this in court.

I cannot believe GM “Threw out” all Oldsmobile data. I cannot afford the inspection the nice officer gave me. I am fighting this tooth and nail, but why is there no info anywhere on “1978 Oldsmobile Key Pull-out option”? I talked with other classic Olds owners, and they could all take the key out while running. They believe it was an option offered by GM called “Courtesy Ignition”.

Why can I find absolutely no data on this? Google seems to only give results for 2000+ models.

Olds 1978 delta 88 royale

I will lose this beauty to the scrapyard if I cannot come up with documentation saying my car was designed to take the key out while running. Can anyone point me in a direction to get some data on my car? I cannot afford a lawyer, so I will be representing myself in court.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!