QOTD: What’s The Furthest You’ve Gone To Chase Down A Curbside Classic?

photo 1

Like most of us, I love hunting down cars, taking photos of them and writing them up. But it can be hard!  I’m lucky that there seem to be a lot of car enthusiasts in Indiana, but compared to those of contributors on the West coast or in the South, I go through dry spells.  That would explain my apparent zeal in photographing this ’57 Buick during a March trip to St. Louis.  The minor contortion was necessary to keep the lens from capturing the right side of my hip while getting the entire width of the bumper in the frame.

2014-07-12 17.15.19

There are other obstacles, too; interrupting owners during their daily grind can be intimidating, especially if they own a mundane model whose significance they don’t understand (“why are you ogling my ’87 Tracer?”).  Then there are cars seen in traffic, like this CRX Straman convertible I posted a few weeks back.  Do you give chase, and risk looking like a deranged assailant?  I chose not to, in this case.

Screenshot 2014-08-06 08.06.43

Finding cars at nighttime can be especially frustrating; it’s hard to get a nice picture in such conditions without a good camera and I didn’t bother taking pictures, for example, of the 1991 Accord LX coupe I saw with a dealer-installed Landau roof I saw one night in front of my local library.  Triborough, who saw this Lincoln Continental Mark III in the dark, returned to get a good picture of it in proper light; it’s hard to get results when using a flash.

photo 3

And as this rather unflattering pose shows, it takes effort to get a good shot from the proper angle.  They don’t always come easy and sometimes you have to risk a dirty tee shirt or minor embarrassment.  I suspect many of you haven’t had the easiest time capturing your ideal creature in the wild, either; what’s been the biggest challenge in finding and shooting a curbside classic?  What’s been the most memorable experience when doing so?  And what model are you most likely to go to extreme lengths in capturing?