QOTD: What’s The Most Negligent You’ve Ever Been With A Car?


I quite like this new QOTD (or whenever) feature here at CC, and thought I’d toss my own up.  A few weeks ago I had the first repairs done to my beloved 83 Tercel:  new tie-rods and front strut cartridges.  Meaning I would need an alignment, so I made an appointment at Jerry & Walt’s.  They cautioned me about needing new tires as the cord was showing on several.  I promptly ignored them and continued on, loving the new found sense of “handling” and “steering” that was so noticeably absent before.  Seeing as how I did have a complete set of new used wheels/tires to put on thanks to my roommate, I eventually got around to pulling off the original rubber.  Holy $#!T!No wonder the car was still wobbly even with all the repairs.  So I turn the rostrum over to you, the CC faithful:  what was the most dangerous and neglectful you ever got with a car without any disastrous results?