CC QOTD: Redux – What Make and Model Did You Initially Dislike But Grew Fonder of Later?

About a year ago, we reviewed this question – “used to hate it but now I like it” – and received a lot of great responses.  My choice in this category then was the early ‘50s Hudson Hornet.  But that just proved I was a certified old guy since the Hudson was built and sold in the middle of the previous century.  I recently came across a more recent model – one that I couldn’t stand when it was introduced, but have warmed up to as time’s gone by…

I saw a mid-2000s vintage Jaguar X-Type Estate the other day and I had to do a double-take – it looked pretty attractive.  When this car came out in 2001, I was with the large group who denigrated it as “just a Mondeo in a retro tux.”  Another example of Ford taking a premium brand, then going cheap and diminishing it by bringing out new models using basic Ford components.

XE and F-Type




I-Pace and XJ


But a good fifteen years have softened that judgment – and I wasn’t sure why.  After pondering it a little, I’ve concluded it’s likely due to Jaguar’s current dearth of unique styling.  I’ve never been a fan of the XE – to me it looks like an amalgamation of styling cues from various sport sedans.  The F-Type seems a capable performance car, but de-badge it and few would know it’s a Jaguar.  The XF could be confused with a Genesis – and these days that may be a compliment.  In my view, only the new I-Pace and older XJ have any unique Jaguar styling identity.  Whether you’re a fan of its looks or not, the X-Type never had that problem – most would recognize it as a Jag right away.

The interior was also spruced up with the requisite wood and leather, and in my dotage seems quite inviting…

So I’ve reassessed.  The X-Type still isn’t on my Top Ten list of cars to own if I ever hit the lottery, but if a clean, low mileage Estate with the 3.0 litre six and a manual popped up, I’d give it a perusal…

So, as we enter a new year, what car did you previously dislike, but have now had a change of heart?