QOTD: A, M or C?

Richard Teague was responsible for a number of attractive automotive shapes. The best to reach production was the Hornet. Super minimalist, long hood and tight tail, coiled-fist boxy, flares you can see from the moon. It oozes handsomeness and purpose.

There is one thing, however, that irks me. Those short rear doors.

It started with the Cavalier in 1965.

An exercise in symmetry, whereby the doors and front/rear fenders were interchangeable. This negated the sedan profile’s dynamism, making Cavalier appear inert.

The only interchangeable things on the Hornet were the front and rear bumper stampings.

It’s not uncommon for four-doors to share c-pillar with their two-door variant, but here it seems like an exercise in cost-cutting.

Limited though they are, here are the choices:

A – Get off my lawn

M – Clapping hardtop using same c-pillar keeping short and long doors, as per the RX8

C – Revised c-pillar and rear door, citing the symmetry of Cavalier