QOTD: A Nice Bimmer – Gone… Or Maybe Not…


For the last couple of months I’ve been working as a detailer in the collision center of a huge 15 dealership conglomerate, here in Winnipeg, Canada. It is a place where I can see and drive (for a short distance) a lot of cool cars but I rarely see a real Curbside Classic.

Last week we received this 1992 convertible BMW 325i, we usually don’t see cars older than 2009 there, so, this Bimmer immediately caught my attention. I didn’t even need to get close by to notice the car was well taken care: paint in excellent condition, nice interior, a new set of Michelins and the clock shows only 87,000 Kilometers.


The car was involved in a minor accident, the front bumper was damaged as well the grille and the left side headlights, nothing really serious but enough for the Provincial Public Insurance declared is not worth to fix it.
The big “T L” on the door means: “Total Loss” So the owner will get the market value of the car in cash and the BMW will be auctioned.


So if you guys had some money to spend… would you consider buying this Bimmer and fix it?