QOTD: Advertising Outtake: How To Sell A BMC 1100 Across The World – Which One Works?

I’ve been researching a Curbside Outtake on an unusual BMC 1300 (ADO16, Austin or Morris 1100,  Austin America and many others) variant and inevitably have come across some period advertising from some of the many markets where this car did good business and was assembled. The car was built in the UK, obviously, but also in Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, and elsewhere as well.

At the top, an Austin 1100 advertisement from the UK from 1965, picking up on some classic British themes and pushing the Issigonis technology.

There was this effort from Australia, again focussing on the innovations in the car and its consequent capabilities for space and comfort, and performance. The car was assembled in Sydney, at a factory inherited by BMC from the Nuffield Organization, and which ultimately assembled the Leyland P76 before closing in 1976.

Over in New Zealand, the car was assembled by Dominion Motors who also distributed Nuffield’s products. here the advertising again featured the hydrolastic suspension, and its suitability for contemporary New Zealand’s often not fully surfaced and (still) continually twisty roads. Dominion Motors was eventually merged with the assembly business owned by the Austin Distributors Federation to create the New Zealand Motor Corporation, now known as Honda New Zealand, after BL progressively withdrew from the early 1980s.

The car was also assembled in Spain by Authi, as a way of getting product in to Spain despite tough import restrictions and duties in the pre-EU environment. BMC and later BLMC created some specific models for Spain, including the Austin Victoria, a 1300 with longer front and rear ends. Sales were, in total, around 20,000 a year until BL bailed out in 1974 and sold the plant to SEAT.

Over in Italy, Innocenti assembled the car under the IM3 and later IM4 and IM5 nameplates, with some minor differences. Not least of these was a revised interior and a universal joint in the steering joint in the steering column, making all the difference to that Issigonis driving position.

So, QOTD, which one works best?