QOTD: Anyone Out There Who Owns Or Has Owned A Car Mentioned In A Song? – Hell To Pay


Let’s face it, a lot of songs, recent or otherwise, have cars and/or trucks in the lyrics .

But sadly, I’ve never owned such a vehicle other than that 1957 Olds, and I doubt Ike Turner was referring to a white four door post sedan when he sang “Rocket-88”.

I’ve never owned a little deuce coup; I’ve never even seen one in the metal.

I’ve never owned a 409 (Biscayne or other), and certainly not any car with four speeds, dual quad, and positraction.

And no one is going to confuse my OHC 6 Tempest with a GTO because it clearly did not have 3 deuces, a four speed, and a 389.

Bonnie Raitt did mention a 150 in her and Boz Scaggs’ 2015 song “Hell To Pay”.  Seeing she’s mostly a country and western singer I’m assuming she means F-150.

I never had a F-150, but I do love that song (*).

Bonnie sings:

And then here comes shifty and his new 150 he wants to take me for a ride.
Saying hey little mamma how ‘bout a little drama,  Why don’t you just hop in inside?”

Well, that sure sounds like country.

But – finally – today I was reading a Pop Music article in the latest New Yorker (it’s too hot to go out and mow any size lawn right now) and the following lyrics in a song’s three times repeated chorus jumps out at me.

Hailey Whitters sings:

I can be – The whiskey in your soda, the lime to your Corona
Shotgun in your Tacoma, the Audrey to your Hank
She’s got a little style and a Hollywood smile
But believe me, honey, good as money in the bank
I’m everything she is, and everything she ain’t.

Ha!  I finally made it.  Kind of.

But I don’t own a shotgun.  At least not yet!

Also, not sure how a long gun rack fits in a double cab Tacoma with a sliding rear window.  Certainly one can’t easily reach it while driving.

Here’s the QOTD:  Anybody out there who is driving – or has driven – a vehicle mentioned in a song?

And it’s really OK stretching for an answer; that’s what I am doing here.

[Non sequitur alert]

(*) God bless Boz Scaggs and Bonnie Raitt.  They’re warning us … hope people listen.

[Verse 5: Boz Scaggs & Bonnie Raitt]

“Well we’ve dirtied up the waters
We pretty much trashed the earth
The butcher and the baker and everybody else
Has taken it for all its worth
Saying “me oh my, it was a big old pie
And I sure as hell filled my cup”
That Senator’s a comin’ on a big white horse
And my judge is gonna fix me up
But as I come to [gauge?] this moment
It’s time to pipe or pray
‘Cause now it’s time for the money shot baby
Times up and there’s hell to pay
You got some hell to pay”.

If you’re curious, here it is; 6 minutes and 12 seconds of pure joy.