QOTD: Are There Any Ladies In The House?


Women make up approximately 49.5 of the world’s population, but they don’t appear to make up 49.5 of the automotive enthusiast community.

One of the greatest things about this website, unlike some other enthusiast groups, is its sense of community, its lack of trolling and unsavory behaviour, and the great set of voices who contribute and comment daily. When I look at the names of the Curbside Classic community, however, I notice the names of our beloved Curbsiders tend to be names like Bill or Dave or Pete. We want to let the world know that Curbside Classic welcomes people of all genders, races, backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations. And personally, I would love to know just how many of our loyal readers are women.

Some people find it all too easy to stereotype vast groups of people. I’ve heard the “women don’t like cars” rubbish before. Really? All women – all 3 billion plus women – don’t like cars? Nonsense. My best friend is a woman and drives a Toyota Supra with a giant wing on the back. Her sister drives an electric yellow Mazda RX-8, while their mother has two modified Nissan Skylines. Those ladies are most assuredly car enthusiasts, I can tell you.

Just finding an image for this article was a glance at the prejudice female automotive enthusiasts experience. Typing “female mechanic” into Google image search reveals a disproportionately high number of sexy Halloween costumes and little in the way of actual female mechanics, who I know exist. I’ve heard of all the crap female gamers get from many members of the video gaming community, and I sincerely hope that female car enthusiasts don’t receive the same poor treatment.

If any site can make female enthusiasts feel welcome, I believe it’s Curbside Classic. So, if there are any ladies reading this right now, please say hello in the comments! We welcome you with open arms! Or, gentlemen, if you know a woman who visits this site or a woman who you think would really appreciate this site, we’d also love to hear from you.