QOTD: Can You ID This Car? – Help Catch the Criminal Cretins

Team CC:

A particularly heinus crime was perpetrated two days ago in northeastern Denver.

Three people in dark hoods and masks apparently set fire to a home killing three adults and two very young children.  The reason for the arson is unknown, but a hate-crime is not ruled out.

Two very blurry/grainy photographs of a getaway vehicle complement the request for information from the Crimestoppers division of the Metro-area Denver police.

Let’s help identify this car.  I’ve always been impressed by the hive-mind on CC in identifying vehicles from very little information.  In this unusual case, contrary to typical CC Clues, I would suggest that we DO post imagery below, to help us all confirm our impressions.  Big bonus points if we can determine that the wheels are aftermarket and we can identify them too – or any other unusual aftermarket items or a guess at the original paint color.