QOTD: Can Your Pickup Do This?

On Christmas Day EV startup Rivian released this video of a unique feature available on their upcoming R1T pickup and R1S SUV: Tank Turns. Rivians have four electric motors, one per wheel. So it’s just a bit of software to make the left wheels turn one way and the right wheels turn the other. Make 360-degree turns in place. Could be mighty handy down the end of some muddy forest trail. Real bad idea on pavement, though, you’ll probably break things.

Can your off-road vehicle do this?

By the way, Rivian also announced another major funding round of US$1.3 billion led by T Rowe Price, bringing their total for 2019 to US$2.85 billion. That’s expected to get them to production by late 2020. Investors include Ford, who’s using a Rivian skateboard chassis for a future truck, and Amazon, who needs delivery vans. Rivian is happening.