QOTD: Do Cars Appear In Clusters?

Perhaps this question is a bit unusual but follow me on this.

Last week there was a CC about a Dodge Dynasty I found several years ago in the town of Hannibal, Missouri.  But the day I found that Dynasty I also found two Imperials of the same vintage.

Hannibal is a town of only 17,000 people so the automotive population isn’t going to be tremendous.  But what is the likelihood of finding two quarter-century year old cars of the same model, a model that didn’t sell overly well when new?

Or is it the town?  When I lived there I knew of three Cadillac Allantes and would see them regularly around town.

So do cars have some cosmic magnetic force that causes them to appear in clusters?  Or is it simply happenstance?  Or might it be the local preferences?