QOTD: Does Brown Do It For You?

One automotive paint color seems to be more polarizing than any other. You either love brown cars or you hate them. Which camp do you fall in?

I’ll often message Brendan Saur photos of cars I see (and vice versa), unless I’ve put it on my automotive Instagram. This photo was hardly Instagram-worthy but I had to share with someone just how much I love the color combination: a rich, chocolate brown (“Mahogany”) with a cream interior. Well, Brendan told me he liked the interior color but had some choice words about the paint color and, indeed, brown cars in general.

Well, count me as someone firmly in the “Yes” camp for the color brown. That’s probably not surprising, considering I wear brown leather shoes and belts much more than black, and one of my favorite pieces of clothing is my brown leather jacket. Heck, a lot of things in my life seem to be a shade of brown. Unlike black, though, brown has many different shades and not all are equally pleasing.

The Cocoa Metallic that was the Buick Enclave’s “hero” color at launch? Appealing.

Ditto the Dark Mocha Metallic on the LaCrosse and Lucerne.

Kodiak Brown Metallic on the 2013-14 Lincoln MKS? I love it.

The brown used on the DS 4? Very nice.

The crème de la crème of brown paint jobs would have to be the two-tone brown on the Lancia Thesis. Absolutely stunning!

But some aren’t quite as nice, like the Marrakesh Brown used on the first BMW X1. In the metal, this brown looks much like a glass of fountain cola sitting in the sun.

And some older cars came with brown paintjobs that weren’t exactly flattering, either. Like my parents’ old VC Commodore, which looked like this.

On a related note, while I may wear tan (or camel) chinos almost every day, I find tan, beige and other similar colors look terrible on cars. When was the last time you saw an exciting car painted beige? The only beige-adjacent shades I like are the sandy “Gobi” paint color available on the Jeep Wrangler…

…and the striking Desert Khaki on the Subaru XV Crosstrek.

Overall, I seem to like shades of brown on cars with few exceptions, and I loathe tan/khaki/beige shades with even fewer exceptions. Tell me: does brown do it for you, or aren’t you down with brown? And are you a fan of tan?