QOTD: Santa Needs a New Ride – What Curbside Classic Would You Choose for Him?

With Christmas eve almost upon us, Santa and his elves are getting ready to deliver his toys to children all around the world.  Santa has relied on his old trusty sled pulled by his eight reindeer, but this year his sled repairs didn’t get done in time and the reindeer are feeling under the weather. He needs some help to him find a new vehicle for the gift delivery.  Santa decided that with his classic sled down for the count, a classic car is the only appropriate replacement.  Accordingly, he reached out to the Curbside Classic community in hopes that our expertise can find him the appropriate classic for him to pilot on Christmas Eve.

To help Santa find his classic, let’s have some fun and make this into a QOTD game.  To participate, find a vehicle that fits into our definition of a Curbside Classic. The contributors, commenters and readers here are some of the most knowledgeable when it comes to classics, so I am sure we can come up with some great choices.   You can select from our CC archives or the CC cohort photosBonus points for anyone who uses a Curbside Classic that they found in the wild.  Finding a CC for sale is okay too, as long as the price isn’t outrageous – Santa can’t afford six figure cars.  Once you make your selection, provide an argument on why you think your car is the best choice for Santa. Arguments can be practical based, such as the vehicle having good cargo capacity, speed, or prowess in snow. Your argument can also be completely impractical for things such as timeless styling or the best Christmas colors.  The main rule is to be creative and have fun!

So, what vehicle do you nominate for Santa’s new ride?