QOTD: Have You Ever Encountered A Car You Used To Own?

Doing the JPCavanaugh method of digging through old photos has yielded a few nuggets.  This 2001 Ford Crown Victoria I found in 2013 or 2014 is one such nugget.

Why?  I used to own this car and sold it in 2012.

I encountered it near Ft. Leonard Wood in the town of Waynesville, ninety minutes south of where I live.  See the missing paint on the rear left?  That came from replacing brake lines and lowering the car some with a tire leaned against it.  Oops.

Incidentally, the driver was not the person I met when I sold it.  Here’s where I once wrote about it.  You can see the missing paint there also.

But this leads to my question:  Have you ever encountered a car you used to own?  Had it deteriorated?  Was it an enjoyable experience?  Or, was it irksome to see its condition?