QOTD: How Do You Prefer Your Citroen H Van?

 h van 9


Perhaps the quintessential French van is the Citroen H van, produced from 1947 to 1981, and still a regular sight on the roads and market places of France. But how do you prefer yours? CC has a good history here, but you may prefer one of the following options

Option 1 – as a camper.

 h van 8

I suspect this may be Mr Editor Niedermayer’s choice, but it’s pretty compact for a camper, But, as an alternative to the VW Camper, I suggest it has much to recommend it, largely because of the much lower and flat throughout floor.


Option 2 – with high roof and rear extension.

 h van 7

Ideal for moving large, bulky and light items in flat areas, I suspect.


Option 3 – an ice cream van.

 h van 1

We’re looking here at a modern conversion, owned by a Brit and selling Italian style ice cream on a French market. If you’d had the ice creams, you could well be voting for this one.

 h van 3

Option 4 – the pizza van.

 h van 4

This is not Domino’s. This guy is baking the pizzas in the van, before your eyes and also does a competition standard tarte tatin. The colour choice goes with it too! It doesn’t travel far – from behind the restaurant onto the market place once a week and to the occasional other function, but there’s no mistaking it. And the pizzas are the best I’ve ever had, as well.

h van 5

Option 5 – an ambulance.

 h van 6

If you overdo on the pizza and ice cream, then call the H van ambulance. I was unable to ascertain if this is the version the Citroen DS type hydropneumatic suspension system, but it certainly would get more attention than most ambulances.


So, which would you choose, and why? Winner gets this seat!


h van 2